Sunday, May 11, 2008

Countdown to Mothers' Day Celebration - Part 2

So, this is the latest menu that I prepared for the Mother's Day celebration. I'm preparing the samosa. What is samosa? Aiya.. itu pon tak tau ke.. hampeh korang nih. Samosa comes from a family of kuih-muih la. The inti is made from potato and we add the curry, minced beef, onions and a bit of garlic. Want to try? Come to my house today at 4.3opm ok. Everybody is invited. Anything else aside from samosa? Hmmm.. secret la dei.. You want to know what the menu, you better come larr.. I'll be waiting... hehe

So kusyuk folding the samosa. Hehehe..
P.S: Rambut aku mcm pejal tahir tak? Ekekekek

Some of the samosa yang telah di wrapped up. Kuikuikui

This morning, we decided to visit my mother-in-law's house in Alor Star. Before that, we had our breakfast at Che Mah Nasi Lemak Panas in Kepala Batas, near the Alor Star Airport. The nasi lemak was very nice and tempting including the teh tarik. Kuikui.. tu yang lambat benor kurus tuh.. Makanan kat Kedah ni memang very the best. Hehehe.. U guys should come here and try all the food here. SUPER DUPER Delicious and also SUPER DUPER CHEAP!!

The price of this teh tarik is not more than RM1. Sodapp...

This Nasi Lemak is only RM1.00. Just imagine.. sedap gler.. siap ada kopokkk..

Then, we went to the Car Wash and gave my baby a SPA. Hehehe.. Tapi hampeh.. petang tu ujan plak.. sewupa tak yah basuh.. Asal aku basuh kete je, ujan... asal ujan aje, aku basuh kete... sabo je larrr.

P/S: Sengal tol kamera aku.. lupo setting, tengok date tuh.. bikin rosak acara tol la date tuh

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