Friday, May 16, 2008

Welcome to Penang

I got an SMS from the PPD that I had to go to Penang for a course on ETeMS. The course participants were from Kedah, Perlis, Perak and Penang. So, here's our journey. First, I had to pick up the Langkawi people. Hehe.. My friends from Langkawi (Sab and Zul) decided to go to Penang with me...apa lagi.. car pool la dei. From the Shahab Perdana, we headed to the PLUS Tol at Jalan Day to convoy with another car (Pwincess Adi, Sis Sally and pokcik Sella..kuikuikui)

Then, we off to Penang Island. We lost on our way to the Jetty (Pwincess--the ketua, said that it was Sella fault for giving wrong direction), luckily our ketuat ketua was so good about Geography and at last we found our track back to the Jetty.

This is the ferry that brought us to Penang safely. TQ drebar feri.. hehe

The three ladies.. myself, Pwincess and Sally, who's the most somel one? Hehe..

Some of course participants from the Kedah State.

My group members. The Joker-Mr Chung, Ms Bollywood-Malarvilli, Typist-Najib Hafidz, Mat Enterframe-aku lupo nama dio.., The Assistant-Mr Zainal and The Chief-Mr Subarao.

The course was pack with slots and we didn't had a chance to have a night slot off. stupidoPity us..

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