Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bubbye Penang Island- Pearl of the Orient

On the 16th May, 2008 we headed back to Alor Star. Car A consists of Pwincess as the driver, Sis Sally as the co-pilot, Pokcik Sella as the big boss since he was sitting at the back of the car. Pwincess D's car le yang lead my car on the way out to the mainland. Maklumle the Penang Island kan ke asik congested aje, so kalo dah salah jalan mau patah balik tu kena la tawaf the whole island. Jenuh la dei..
Car B plak ada myself, Sabrina, Zulamani and Sis Siti Sudeh. We splitted up when we passed Sungai Dua I think. Hehe.. Sis Sally sempat lagi called us and told us no to eksen2 since we had already kluar from the island. Allo Sally, it's not the matter of eksen-eksen la dei.. it's just I had to rush since I got 2 Langkawi people with me. If I'm late, they needed to spend their nite in Alor Star, ok.. Hehe..

Eh, lupo plak.. weh Zul, biscuit Famous Amos awek hang tertinggal plak dalam kete den. Tunggu la meeting Khamis ni aku bg kat geng Langkawi pass kat hang noo.. kuikui.. cian hang

The four of us. Pwincess D, myself, Sally and Sab

Posing ala Charlie's Angels... malangnya ada plak orang jahat.. the villain kat belakang tuh.. kekekeke

Papai Penang. We'll miss u for sure.. especially the Feringghi Walk la of coz.. What a nice place to shop. U better bring a lot of money when you come to Penang. The food are superb, the home deco stuffs are excellent and the prices are remarkable... (that will take you around 15-30 minutes bargain to get the price you want!) Oh ya.. you also need to be a good negotiator to get a good price. Luckily Pwincess is our great negotiator. I could get my new handbag from RM229 to RM 130 and the last price I got was RM 85. What a great bargain. Hehe..TQ Pwincess.

Mamat baju pink yang kesedihan meninggalkan aweks Penang. Kuikuikui.. Hero Tamil in the making.. wakakakakkakak

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