Friday, March 7, 2008

Perang Poster dan Bendera.

8th March is Election Day for Malaysia.. The posters and flags for all parties are everywhere.. Meriah bangat... and these are some of the pictures taken on my way back from school to my house.

Kat traffic light SKJ 3, dan lagi gue snap gambar... hehehe

Here in in Alor Star, near the Souq Bukhary.

Here is a junction at Hutan Kampung.. waaahh.. so big aa the bulan.. huhu

Still in Alor Star... the dacing and the moon saling manja-manja...

This is the corner heading to SKJ 3, Jitra..

There's one big dacing they created in front of SMK Pulau Nyior, but I couldn't take the picture because they put the dacing on the divider, wah.. manyak susah.. and there's a big rocket in Alor Star, still couldn't snap the picture because of the traffic.. sabo je larr.. So, Malaysian, good luck for the Election.. The future is in your hand.. Happy Voting u alls...

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