Sunday, March 2, 2008

Lagi-lagi kelas aku.. hehe

Okay guys, tak larat nak komen banyak2. So, these are the latest pictures that I pasted on my classroom wall. Huhu. Enjoy the pictures guys...

The 'verbs' with the pictures.. I tried to avoid translation, so I google the net to look for the pictures that represent the verbs.

The 'numbers' with numbers and words.

Pandangan dekat

The reading corner, I put the 'numbers' just to cover the ugly steel cupboard.

My pupils... more to come.. I was wishing that I could put on the table cloth on each of their table, so it'll look nice and comfy too.


apiz said...

wahh..budak2 tu x tanye ke nape cikgu die amik gmbr :p

mama cute said...

wah wah.. tak brani le, dah cikgu depa garang bangat.. kuikuikui

God Bless Us!

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