Friday, March 7, 2008

Makan-makan @ Jitra

These are some of the eating places in Jitra that offers you the best and comfortable place for you to dine in. The places are well decorated and the food are superb too. Do try to eat here when you come to Jitra ye..

Ni namanye Restoran SanThai - offers you all kind of Thailand food. The food tastes good and the price is absolutely cheap and affordable.

The cashier place.. You can also buy the paintings, they are for sales. So, what are you waiting for, just say hello, eat something and buy the paintings.. superbbb..

This place is called Pak Mad Cafe, another place for you to eat with a very-very comfortable feelings. You will be entertained by the soft jazz music and also sometimes they'll play live band here. The food are also superb and you should try the hamburger.. wah wah.. rasa mcm kebab plak..

Even the guitars are on sale... Hehehe.. ye ke? Aku main tembak aje.. wakakakkakaka

Ni la hamburger besor bangat.. tapi bes gilerr... rugi tak coba..


Anonymous said...

Posting dah bagus...memang terliur orang membacanya...tapi tak lengkap...sbb x mention LOKASI!!!! Orang Jitra boleh la tau...

Ticer Syah said...

No worries tuan Anon..
sekarang ni Pak Mad Cafe suda tukar owner.. jadi Enai Cafe. Terletak dekat Pantai Halban..

Yang Santhai dan move ke rumah kedai depan sekolah Jenan tu.. lokasi Santhai lama diambil oleh Football Marche yang terletak dekat Taman Siswa punye shoplots.. selamat mencoba :)

God Bless Us!

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