Sunday, March 16, 2008


This is it.. Our first day in MAT School. We were very excited and we were the third person arrived after the trainers. So, we took the breakfast outside the room and the food was so good. The MATS stands for Master Affiliate Training School, this is where they teach you how to expand your business and also become a successful leader. I was hoping that I could come again in the next MATS. So, kena keje kuat la deii... heheh.

The three musketeers and the early birds that came early in the morning. Mula kul seplo, tiba kul 8. Tak ke semangat kesukanan melampau2 kitaorang nih.. wakakakakkaka

My hubby was introducing himself as a new MA.

Makan time, there are so many food to choose from and all of us ate at least 3 rounds.. hehe.. Tak menahan, even the putu mayam also tastes good la. Macam zaman aku kecik2 dulu. I think the chef who prepared the putu mayam is the same guy that sell the putu mayam when I was a kid. Sedap bangaaattt.. Thanks to chefs for preparing all the superb food here. Can't wait to come again.

After makan, we posed at the swimming pool. I thought the Dugongs would be around. Sayang skali dong... nggak ada dugong yang keliatan.. heheh

End of the day. Snap shot with all the old and new MA's, all sorts of directors and also Ambassadors. It was really a good time we're having here and can't wait to join the next MATS. Mintak2 le aku qualify. Huhu. Kalau tak dapat, aku nangis hentak kaki kat Mike.. Ekekeke

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