Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Business Opportunity Meeting

On the 14th March, we gathered at the PJ Hilton Hotel for the meeting and recognition. We arrived at 7.50 and the room was already half filled, the meeting started at 8.10 pm. We were free to take the Innergize Lemon and Orange to drink . That was good. Hehe. Then, we listened to several people who had tried Reliv including my sis, Along. After that, it was the time my sisters and I were waiting for. We were invited to go on stage and took the certificates from our Presidential Platinum Ambassador from Australia. Wah...wah.. kembang bangat.. We received a certificate that appointed us not only as Master Affiliates but also Directors as well. Arrpek was so surprised because both of us got the title.. Wah wah.. tak sangka2 beb. Heehhehe.. Apa pun, we thanked God for all the rezeki that He gave us. Along lagi dasyat, she got the cash bonus worth RM3000 because she got the third highest sales in that month. Congrats Along. Hehe..After the function, we rushed ourselves to Haji Samuri Satay in Kesas and asked Along to belanja us.. Hehe.. Patut kena soh dia belanja kat Victoria Station aje. Baru betik.. ehehe. So, guys..enjoy the pictures..

From left : Fuad (Master Affiliate), Arrpek(Master Affiliate and Director), Lynn Culph (Bronze Ambassador), Terry Renton (Presidential Platinum Ambassador), myself and hubby (Master Affiliate and Director) and Zuraini (Key Director).

Paul Lim, the General Manager of Malaysia and Singapore.

Mike Tan, the first time we met him in person.

Having a short meeting after the event. Mike Tan, the National Sales Manager was sitting on the right. He is a great guy you know. You guys should meet him.

My hubby and I were so damn 'chiwi' with our certs. Huhu.. Being an MA and a Director is really unexpected.

These are the certs.

Sisters in action. All of us were on stage that night. Hehe.. Syok2.. Glamer.. huhu

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