Saturday, March 8, 2008

Al-Jarumi Futsal

The Al-Jarumi's family from KL mostly are in Kedah yesterday. They're coming back home just for Election Day today. It's very hard for them to meet regularly because of the time constraint. Since tomorrow is election, depa pon pakat-pakat balik mengundi lah. Hehe. So, they took this opportunity to meet other family members and decided to play futsal. They started playing from 5.30pm till 7.30.

Just started. My hubby is wearing red jersey and grey with orange stripes track bottom.

In white shirt is Yaakob, in the middle is Faiz and my hubby.

The pictures are quite blur because I'm using the night shot... and when I'm using it, not only me but the subjects that I'm snapping must also stand still.. Tu yang tak jadi tuhh..

Letih bangat.. sudah pancit dah cayang aku nih..

Salman the smallest supporter there.. kekekekek

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Mohd Syakir said...

so...kate game futsal al-jarumees family. mane yg lain? or ni game yg anak2 tok cu main. sorry to say, i get envy because never got any invitation on any game related to al-jarumees. please if you going to do any, give others a call if not a visit

God Bless Us!

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