Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Classroom.. again

Allu guys, it had been a couple of days I couldn't get myself online. This is because of the networking that had kacau me through. What a boring life without an internet. I couldn't chat with my sisters and the most important thing is.. I couldn't make my blog updated!! Cian blog teman... So, a few days without internet had made me to do something else...yeahh babe.. I'm upgrading my classroom la plak... So, these are the latest pictures of my classroom. Just some of the pictures that I could snap and share with you guys... Muahhssss. I just love my classroom.. hehe

Numbers to be pasted on the steel cupboard behind my class. I laminated it to make it last longer.

Plurals- to be put on the walls.. which walls.. I dunno yet.

Some of the materials that I'd put on the wall. I do hope that they read all the words there. So far, they're reading it.

Their favourite spot, this is where they can show their own heights to their friends. I was planning to put their names on the chart, so at the end of the year, they could see their growth. Hehe..

The reading corner...

I just love being a teacher.. especially when I teach the slow learners. I could create so many things and put it in class just to make sure they understand more what I'm teaching. Teaching is just a GREAATTTT job!

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