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BA wins in 5 states...

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Saturday, 08 March 2008
"Terima kasih kepada seluruh rakyat Malysia.Saya begitu terharu dan tersentuh dengan pilihan yang dibuat mereka dan penghargaan wajar diberikan kepada rakyat Malaysia dan rakan-rakan yang mahukan perubahan dan era baru dalam negara."

Demikianlah kata mukadimah penuh semangat Penasihat KeADILan, Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang mengadakan sidang media khas keputusan kejayaan Barisan Alternatif (BA) jam 1.10 pagi tadi di kediamannya tadi.

"BA telah berjaya menubuhkan kerajaan di lima buah negeri iaitu Kelantan,Kedah, Pulau Pinang,Perak dan Selangor," kata Anwar di hadapan lebih 50 wartawan dan jurugambar luar dan dalam negeri.

"Kita telah berjaya menafikan dua pertiga majoriti di Parlimen," katanya.

credit to Harakah Online

So, my dear friends.. this is it... the Political Tsunami had just happened here in Malaysia. The BN of course would never expect this kind of thing would happen. They thought maybe a slight wave would come but this.... losing 5 states unexpected, whoaaaaa... and most surprisingly Selangor is now belongs to the opposition party. Wah wah.... dalam diam ye... they were shocked with the news. And who would've expect Nurul Izzah Anwar would easily wins over Datuk Sharizat Jalil, one of the minister in Malaysia. Samy Vellu also has to bid farewell to his long-long time ago chair...Same goes to Datin Seri Wan Azizah when she wins more than half of the votes in Permatang Pauh. She got over 30,000 votes with the majority of 15,000 votes whereby last time she won majority for only 500 votes. It's shocking, even me couldn't believe it with my own eyes. Waaaaa.... so dasyat la BA this time around. And winning over 5 states is really unbelievable! Now, I just hope that the economics will turn back to normal (even it's not easy to do so...) and the losers will not making any protest such as what they claimed the opposition did before... sikit2 tunjuk perasaan.. kekekekke.. In these five states, we'll see their progress for this season and I hope that the BA will do their best to prove the nation that they REALLY CAN RULES...

My opinion : I think BN lost because...
1) they didn't give the bonuses to all the government servants..hehehe (aku paling hangat hati bab nih)
2) the petrol's price is getting higher and higher and I heard that the bonuses for the Petronas staffs is still given and they get at least 4 months salary bonuses... huhu.. patutla minyak mahal.. nak bg bonus kat depa ghupanya...
3) the issues inside the party.. ni depa kata.. aku haram tak tau paa.. kuikuikui
4) the school fees issues whereby they claimed that they cut off the school fees without stating the real amount of the school fees that is only RM 4.50 for primary schools and RM 9.00 for secondary schools. When the people come to school, they were surprised because they still had to pay the fees which were much-much higher.. (many people are angry about this and the teachers had been their PUNCHING BAGS.... apa ni..kata tak gaduh bayaq yuran, awat kena bayaq polakkk...hangpa makan duit kaaa.. pity the teachers..)
5) and many more lah.. tak larat aku nak taip..

So, the BN should make some adjustment here and there and try to see what had gone wrong. hehehe.. aku cian plak nengok BN ni, tapi what to do. The the rakyat had speak up, next time please listen to us. Don't just simply-simply increase not only the petrol price but all prices laah.. Naik gaji pastu penaik harga barang.. not worth it...

With these, I rest my case.


susiek said...

I'm malaysian but PR in singapore. My kids singaporean.In singapore, malay student need not pay school fees. They only pay miscellanious fees $16 permonth. Other races need to pay school fees (dont know how much) and miscellanious fees. And every student starting from primary 1 goverment give about $100 plus every year, call edusave (education saving) use for educational program in school. Like go trip to other country, the amount is paid by school and the rest use edusave. What a pity malay student in MALAYSIA.

mama cute said...

yes susiek, and yet the BN said that malays in singapore hidup susah.. all this propaganda la.. just to cover up their own misuse of the power. now the rakyat had speak up. guess what.. in my school the parents had to pay RM 57.50 altogether excluding the books and the school uniforms. and yet they said the school fee is free.. yes, its free but only the RM 4.50. other things they have to pay is the kumpulan wang suwa (test papers, insurance, miscellaneous) that is nearly rm30, the pibg (parents teacher association) rm 15, and the computers/repairing books-meant for the textbook rm 12.50.

and yet they said that they already raised the salary of the government servants.. but what the people had to tanggung is the rocketing price of the things that we use everyday.. the petrols, the cooking oils, flours and the food price pon naik.. rite now there's no more 20cents kuih, yang ada only 3 pieces of kuih is RM 1. See the difference?

God Bless Us!

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