Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why does PAS win in Kelantan again??!!

I got these pictures from a forwarded emails...You guys just watch and think by yourselves.

credit to my friend, cutiemutie for sending these pictures.

The Munajat Perdana was done during the night before the Malaysia's General Election.

The teenagers that took part in the Munajat Perdana programme.

Not enough space, the use the seats around the stadium to pray.

The Mentri Besar himself is the Imam of that day.

The mothers bring their kids along.

The Imam a.k.a Mentri Besar Kelantan is reciting the doa.

The men's zone.

The women's zone.

More pictures on the men.

More ladies

Who the heck is this? Ada kenai ka dei?

Still praying.

Hoping for the best in General Election.


apiz said...

wahh..cousin sy yg duk al-azhar tu pn ckp student sane ramai wat smayang hajat sbelum election aritu..

mama cute said...

tu la.. bn tamo wat mcm tu. patut kena la buat.. hehe.. ni asik hentam orang aje n kutuk2 aje dengan harapan orang tak undi BA tapi tamo mintak tolong sama Allah.. huhu..

God Bless Us!

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