Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My Reading Corner... still in progress

Salamz all... this is my reading corner that I had prepare it in a day. It took nearly an hour to finish this thing. The most important thing is you have to make sure everything is there and your tool is complete. The hardest part is to make the skirting at the front desk. This can be seen on the third picture. This is because I donno how to sew, so I decided to use the thumbtack and tack it around the table. How to do it? I will tell you step by step... (this is to anyone who wanted to do the same thing..hehe)

1. Arrange the desks (depends on you.. wether u want to make it L-shape or island type..)
2. Paste the colourful manila card on the desks. U should choose the striking or florescent colours to make it look outstanding.
3. Take the cloth and fold it bertindan-tindan to make the skirting..hihi
4. Use the thumbtack and nail the folded part. U can see how by clicking the picture and zoom it.
5. No need to make the folding thing at the back of the desk.. to save the cloth laaa..
6. Paste some pictures on top of the table to make the surface useful. This can also enhance and reinforce the students' knowledge and vocabulary.
7. Lastly, put a layer of plastic to ensure the surface is clean and free of dirt. Hihihihi
Good luck guys!

These are some pictures that I recycled from the unused wall chart (it's already koyak, so I just take the pictures that still can be used)

View from the front of the class. I will paste more pictures on the cupboard so that the ugly cupboard will look nice and useful.

Can you see the folding area (tindan-tindan tu la dei)

I put the rubber mat (btoi ka utk tikar getah..kuikuikui) so that the students can read on the floor. They can also lie down if they want too..

Some old educational magazines that I took from the library. Still look good.

In future, I will put up more pictures, more words, alphabets just to make sure that they not just read but also memorize the stuff in class. This can make their learning interesting too. Till then, happy reading kids!!


susiek said...

Wei! Buruk bebenor taruk flag kat situ. Bebudak tak dpt tumpukan peratian kat papan tulis tu.Kalu ko pandang, pasti nampak flag tu lagi menarik dr apa yg ko tulis kat papan tulis tu.Background papan tulis tu ko tampal le dgn wraping paper yg warnanye tak striking.

susiek said...

Pintu almari tu kau balutkan dgn paper cam kertas balut hadiah tapi ada pelekat skali. Kat kedai DIY ade jual la dei. Ko beli 1 roll pong cukup cover tu pintu lemari.

mama cute said...

oit.. tu board letaknye di belakang la dei... so budak pandang depan aje.. lagi pon ticer dia kiut wat per la nak pandang belakang.. jangan pandang belakang.. waakkakakakaka

God Bless Us!

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