Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Farewell Tetah

Last Saturday, my sis-in-law went back to Sabah. She lives there with her husband. She got an offer to go to Maktab Perguruan Keningau Sabah to be the KPLI teachers for remedial students. It was quite sad that morning since she had to leave her only son here in Kedah because there's nobody in Sabah gonna look after her baby. Cian Fayyadh. So, these are the pictures taken at the airport.

Tetah nak masuk kat tempat menunggu.

Baby Fayyadh waiting for his mom's flight to take off.

Kekanak suma tak mandi lagik.. musyuk aarr..

Tok Ayah pon waiting for the flight to take off... tapi tunggu sat jer.. tak larat tunggu terus Pak Mertuaku balik.. hehe

Tired waiting after nearly 30 minutes waiting for the aeroplane to fly...Adam was snapping our picture at this time.

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