Friday, January 11, 2008

Menang dan Menang

Salamz... three days ago, a man called my hubby. The man told him that he had won a bicycle. Hehe.. So today is the day. Five of us (the kids and us) went to the supermarket to take the bicycle. They just held a small ceremony and gave away the bicycle to all winners. There are about 150 bikes available but only 35 showed up. Anyway, the majlis is still meriah with all the kids around and also the stupid clown that entertained the children there. Enjoy the pictures guys..

Some of the customer watched with full of envy (hehehe) to see the winners holding the bike. Kuikuikui

My kids tak lepas peluang nak enterframe Papa depa.. huuhuu.. aku jugak kena dok tepi jadi camerawoman and jaga Salman...

Muka ciwi dapat beskal free.. Sapa nak bagi free oiiii.. Apa pong.. alhamdullillah because we got the bicycle for FREEEEEEEEEEEE...huhu..

Haaa..jaga-jaga cik Salmah.. hehe

Posing lagi depan Aneka.. huhu.. keciwian yang terserlah di wajah memasing especially Salman yang langsung tanak pandang kamera.. heheh

Ok la u alls.. I dah ngantuk giler nih.. C ya later alligator

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