Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Latest Me....

Salamz.. I've been on Reliv products since October last year, that was after Raya Puasa. The results are really extraordinary.. chewahh.. macam citer Heroes plak... hehehhe...The first two weeks having Reliv , the product was trying to get rid of the unwanted fat and toxin in my body. I always have to go to the toilet early in the morning to ehem ehem.. Apart from that, I always fart.. hehhe.
Another person that I knew also tried the product. This person had a very serious psiorosis(I dunno the right spelling) since year 2000. He had to go for injection once for every three months. Then, the doctor stopped the injections after 3 times having it because he afraid the the drugs would effect the kidney.. Wah... very dangerous I will also put the picture of his skin after having Reliv.

The "before " of myself taking the products pictures...

Look at the date of the picture 2nd Nov, 07

During Hari Raya.. mak oi.. comelnye aku.. kekekekke

With my friend in Kelantan... still at the early stage of taking the products..

Happy - Happy Moments

The "after" picture of me after nearly 3 months taking the Reliv.

My face looks thinner and my body also looks slimmer...

So guys.. for your information, I'm taking Reliv Now, Fibrestore and also Innergize. Actually, I didn't buy the whole set at a time.. I buy it one by one.. At first I bought the Reliv Now, the next month I took the Fibrestore and also Innergize. The products will not finish at the same time, so you can budget your pocket to buy the products. Care to join my healthy lifestyle? Because when you are taking the products, you can always enjoy your food no matter how.. You will stay healthy and at the same time, you'll enjoy your life. Reliv-nourishing our world.

The products I am taking now. Innergize, Reliv Now and also Fibrestore. Now for Kids- my second child is taking it.

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