Wednesday, January 2, 2008

School Daze

Salamz all...
Skul starts today.. 2nd January 2008. Letih la plak since quite some time dah tak ngajo.. Before the school starts, we had a meeting and surprisingly I am elected to be once again the class teacher and this time is for Year 2. Sabo je la... Kelas belakang lagi.. but nevermind.. come what may also I can handle mehh... hehe.. As a start, my hubby and I came on the 1st of January (nu yer) to paint my new classroom. This is because the class is white and the footprints are all over the walls.. hehe.. tak menahan aku nengok.. luckily the paint is only RM 28. I bought the cheapest one lah.. Where got money la dei... So, these are some of the pictures taken yesterday. I haven't put up the curtains yet since the curtains are still at the laundry shop.

Just started...

My hubby was painting the wall...

Look at the blackboard... dah ada sket2 perhiasan..

The notice board-- I pasted the small pieces of coloured papers to make it looks outstanding!

Habis dah cat.. cun kan kaler apple green nih..mesti anak murid I jadi pandai kan lepas nih... and I also had prepared all the materials to be put on the wall.. ee.. nanti I update lain ok.. tak sabo nak tunjuk kat u alls.. so that u can make it as reference la.. eventhough my class ni tak seberapa kan.. but.. half a loaf is better than none right!

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susiek said...

Huduh bebenor klas ko. Tak pe...leh kasi cantik. Nyeles class lain plak.

God Bless Us!

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