Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Hotel

The hotel is somewhere in Kuah, next to Langkasuka Hotel. At first we thought that the hotel would be superb since the hotel is quite a well known hotel. However, after some time we felt the hotel is just indah khabar dari rupa. The food and the services are not that superb. Even the microphones were sometimes dead. Hampeh btoi.. We had to be the technician on the spot plak. Sadis betoi...

Our boss, En Nadzri was giving a welcoming speech. He's the only thorn among the roses. Apa nak buat.. the endangered species. Hehe..
Sharon, Fathique and Nadzri were watching the presentation from the course participants.
One of the course participants was delivering her speech during the Public Speaking slot conducted by Kak D and Kak An.
This is what I meant about the quality of service from the hotel. They supposed to wipe the spilled curry right! Apa punya turrr..
Looked yummy but then some of the dishes were tasteless. Only the last day of our course, then only they found the salt. Hehe.. I would give this hotel 1 and a half star. How on earth this hotel could have so many branches.. I was wondering..... hmmm..

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