Thursday, November 1, 2007

A small farewell party to Tina

One of our facilitator, Puan Suhartina had transferred to IPDA to be one of the lecturer. So, we decided to throw her a small party. The first night we went to Restoran BOOM BOOM. The food were so yummy yummy delicious and quite cheap too. Bila la nak pi lagi nih. The third day, we brought her to Kenny Rogers at Kuah Jetty. We also surprised her by giving a her a cute Gucci handbag. Mesti comel bila Puan Pensyarah kita pakai beg tu. Huhu..
From the left, Princess Adie, Fathique and Puan Suhartina , the lecturer from IPDA were eating with full of passionate (penuh perasaan) at BOOM BOOM Restaurant, Chenang.
The six golden girls were having their feast. Masing2 tak ingat nak posing sbb terlalu tekun makan. Heheheh
Look at our plates. Tak tinggal secubit pun. Licin-selicin-licinnyerr..... sabo je la..
This is our next surprised party for Tina. Can you spot her? Jeng..jeng..jeng.. She's wearing black scarf with white lines and greyish shirt. She's sitting next to Fathique.
Our 'parents'... hehehhe.. Princess Adie and Nadzri, followed by the 'anak-anak sideks'... Sharon, Nida etc.... hehhhe.. sowy boss.

Anyway, I would like to express my congratulation to you Sis Tina for your promotion as one of the lecturer in IPDA. We really hope that you will continue your excellency there. (Betoi ke ayat kami nih....) Don't forget to sign up to be the tutor of OUM plak.. Leh la ajaq kami ni hah.. C ya in future Tina... :)

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