Thursday, November 1, 2007

ETeMS for preschool

Recently, I just got back from Langkawi. I was there as one of the facilitator for the English for Teaching of Science and Mathematics (ETeMS). It was quite exciting meeting old friends again. Along with me in Langkawi were our PPD Officer, En Nadzri (Brader Naz), Ketua JU -->Fathiiyah (Fathique), Adilah (Princess Adie), Sharon, Maheran (Kak An), Hasrulnida (Nida) and also Sabrina (Sab). We were having a very good time together. Hehe.. A lot of laughing and excitement too. The most memorable part was going to spin around the island, and of course our main focus is to look for the mat salleh's doing moonbathing... muahahahaha.. unfortunately, there was none.. maybe because of no rezeki or maybe God protected us from getting more dosa.. wakakakkaa. There were also some phrases and words that I think would become some sort of MEMORABLE WORDS.. hehe.. such as PARTITION, ELEPHANT, 12 INCHES and also 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!!! (Hat ni paling TAK TAHANNNN...) huhu. So, these are some of the pictures taken during the course.
This is a picture of us at Pantai Chenang looking for Pareo. Letih gilos looking for it. At last we found it at Kuah after 3 consecutives days of searching. Sabau je ler.. Anyway, we had a lot of fun while looking for it.
The first day of arrival. Really tired however this two chubbies still managed to post some smiles. Giler glammm betoi depa nih.. huhu.
Camerawoman still wanted to enter frame, hehe.. We were having some discussion for handling the course. And of course, Sharon and Fathiique acting as if they were sooooo bz giler.. wakakakkakaka...

The second day. This is the first slot conducted by Kak An. She was doing Rhymes and she managed to show off her talent until everyone was blown away. This is our first time looking Kak An singing.. dasatt... eh.. singing ke reciting poem ek? Kompius nih.. huhu
The course participants were presenting their work in front of the audience. The preschool teachers looked very energetic and relax eventhough they were asked to do their task in a very short time. Gonna miss u all...

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