Sunday, November 11, 2007

ETeMS in Langkawi for Remedial Teachers

Salamz all,

These are the pictures taken during the ETeMS for Remedial Teachers. It was conducted for 5 days in Langkawi and another 5 days will be conducted in Grand Crystal, Alor Star. The course participants are from 3 districts -- Kubang Pasu, Kulim Bandar Baru and also Langkawi. The facilitators also come from these districts.
During the first day we had some technical problems whereby all the modules and the stationeries were nowhere in sight. At first we felt a little bit panic because there was nobody (officers) around..only the facilitators and 2 urusetia that were also pening2 lalat like us. Heheh.. but since all of us were quite familiar with this kinda thing, everything ran smoothly.. like nothing happen, eventhough we felt like being thrown, left alone in an island and got to make sure that all works should be done by hook or by crook. Huhu... (berasap nihhh). We also knew that the Penang site were facing the same problem too. Anyway, luckily the next day everything was there and I would like to say thank u to PPD Langkawi for giving us all the help that we needed (such as the stationeries.. hehe.. most crucial part nihhh). And also a big thank you to Mr Ghazali (you save the day bebeh..), Ms Gan(dah habis ke mark paper?) , Mr Lim (nice knowing yaa.. sweet guy), Sabrina (a.k.a SUB TURBO), Amin (tingat plak kat kek kaler-kaler yang wife dia buat tuuu), Kak Di (old friend la), Kak An (org Kubang Pasu gak). Unfortunately Mr Ghazali had to leave us early when he heard that his brother was in ICU, KL. So, guys, plez pray for his brother's health. Amin...
Eh, lupa nak habaq... Langkasuka Hotel is the first class service la you all.. Tak nyesal buat kursus kat sini. From the receptionist until the bell boy, they really give you top quality for their service... tak macam last week punye hotel tu.. hotel toooottt... hehehe..

During our first nite of arrival... Mr Ghazali saved the day. Hehe..
Some of the course participants. Eager to do the task and everybody tried to be the first to present so that they'll get bonus points.
Ini lah kembaq terhangat di pasaran.. Kuikuikui.. Princess Adie was pretending as if she was the busiest woman on earth... Lakonan musti hidupp..
My secret admirer cum fashion consultant. He was complaining about all the facilitators fashion attire. He told me that I should wear some kind of jacket so that everybody knows that I'm the faci... not just ordinary course participants.. He also claimed that my green baju kurung (the baju kurung is not here) does not suit me. He could be the next jury in America's Next Top Model. Hehe..
The Ketua Sektor of Unit Pendidikan Khas and Swasta from JPN Kedah came to visit us. Thanks for coming! Sub Turbo was entering the frame la.. ececece.. kontrol macho la bsama si Amin n Mr Lim tu.. Huhu

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