Sunday, November 11, 2007

CHOGM - bila lagikk...?

Oh ye, this time around, we had one day off. Since everyone was doing the give and take thing laa.. I scratched your back, you scratched my back. So, we used this golden time to go spinning around the island. We went to Mahsuri Tomb (my last visit was in 1989), Dataran Lang (my first time after several visits to Langkawi) , Atma Alam (the batik village) and also not forgetting the hot spot for shoppers--- Idaman Suri and Hj Ismail Group. So.. what does CHOGM mean? Aiyaa.. PM me.. and I'll tell you la.. cannot tell you here.. secret meeehhh.. :p

Happy giler when I've achieved my objective.. to take picture in front of this giant bird. Huhu.. can u see my teeth.. hehehe

Beside the Atma Alam, since we're not allowed to take picture inside Atma Alam, amik kat luar pon jadi laaaa... The flowers were blooming you know.. and as usual Princess Adie tak senang duduk la when she saw the flowers.. klikk...klikk..

The three golden girls at the back of Mahsuri's original house. Look at Princess Adie.. posing maut gituuuu...

Sab Turbo, Kak An and Princess at Telaga Mahsuri. Very nice view of the paddy field... however the maintanence should take care of the lalangs and tumbuhan liars... :)

Inside the Kota Mahsuri. There are also museum, souvenirs' shop, mini zoo and lots more... come and experience yourself laa..
How's my report? Tip top?... wait for my new post in Grand Crystal, Alor Star plak.. Till then..chow chin chauuu

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