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Now For Kids

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Mesti korang tertanya-tanya menda apakah itu.. itu la dia produk nutrisi pemakanan yang sedang diamalkan oleh ahli keluarga aku. Diasaskan di Amerika dan dipatenkan. So, takde orang boleh tiru ini produk. Kalau ditiru, syarikat itu akan disaman oleh this company. Nama company ni Reliv. Sudah bertapak lebih kurang 20 tahun dan mempunyai cawangan worldwide and it still spreading its wings. Selain daripada itu, produk ini ada jaminan pulangan wang dalam jangkamasa 30 hari. Kalau u try makan and don't feel any difference, u can always turn the empty tin and get your money back.

Now for Kids ialah utk kanak-kanak (but I drink this too since I'm a student) It is for your child's brain to work effectively. Kadang-kadang kita hairan kenapalah anak kita ni very slow and also sometimes naughty. Kita terlupa yang kanak2 ni suka pada junk food and as we all know, junk food will make the children to act aggresively and they will be lazier and will not pay attention in class. So, Now for kids is formulated to make sure all the nutriens needed in a child's body completed. Jadi, takde nutrien yang terlebih dan terkurang. When they have all these perfect nutrien in their body, they'll easily pay attention in class and they will absorb all the lesson taught by their teachers like a sponge. :)

This is based on my niece's opinion. She had been using this product for a month. Katanye, "Mummyda, early morning Yana minum, then I go to school. Biasanya kita tak berapa nak concentrate pada apa yang cikgu cakap. Tapi bila Yana minum, apa yang teacher cakap, semuanya macam senang je masuk dalam kepala Yana. I could understand what the teacher was saying. You should try it Mummyda, then you'll know how I felt"
Produk ni amat enak skali diminum bersama ais yang diblend.. (macam ice blended daaa..) I would suggest you take the vanilla flavour so that you can mix it with banana, strawberry to make it taste better. This product is really easy to manage and you can simply add it with other flavour (your own flavour)

Every Relìv product is precisely formulated to deliver optimal levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, protein and phytonutrients necessary to support overall well-being. (Source :

Furthermore, produk ini juga mempunyai jaminan yg u alls takkan overdose sbb dia akan dengan sendirinya meneutralkan segala nutrien yang diperlukan oleh badan. Reliv ada beberapa produk dan terbahagi kepada 4 bahagian iaitu
Food : Now, Classic, Now for Kids and Ultrim Plus
Water : Innergize
Cleanse : Fibrestore
Repair : Reverseage

So, what is the difference between the supplementary pills with Reliv product? Pills will take around 8-12 hours to absorb and go into our body. But, sometimes, the nutrient from the pill tak habis mengembang kita dah buangkan dia. Compare to Reliv, it will act immediately since it is bioavailibity --> it can be absorbed by our body immediately. Once we drink it, it will surely act in no time!

Every Relìv product utilizes a delivery system that is uniquely suited to the nutrients in that formula. This ensures quick, optimal absorption for improved efficacy. (Source:

Apa-apa maklumat lanjut and if u are interested to be like my family and I to live a better and healthy life.. do contact/sms me... as usual.. 019-6965844. If you have millions of dollars but you have zero percent of health.. your money is worthless. Be healthy, be apart of Reliv. Try it now.. U have 30 days money back guarantee. Live life cool :)

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member aku guna ultrim.. dia ada side effect iaitu kentut tak berenti and buang air aje.. tapi takde la sampai kritikal.. cuma kerap buang air kecil..

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