Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Salam Ramadhan

Hi you alls,
Hehe.. lamanye tak posting latest news. Due to my work load and time constraint, I could just cut and paste all the jokes that were sent to me tru my email. I do hope that all of u could enjoy it (baper ramai le pengunjung blog aku ek.. hehe). By the way, Ramadhan is just around the corner. Rindunye pada my parents, I do remember when the time to break fast, all the family members would gathered around the saprah and waiting for Babah to recite the prayer... siap dengan translation lagi. Huhu. Then, as usual the lauk pauk would be variety and not forgetting the assam pedass kaw kaw punya lor... Our favourite drinks would be sirap selasih and also air bandung soda -sedapnye. As far as I remember, all the kuih muih, we never bought it since my mum always said "Kuih orang jual bukan sedap pun. Asyik letak ajinomoto aje." So, from 5 o'clock all the anak2 dara would be busy cooking, preparing the dishes while the anak bujang teruna would busy lighting up all the lamps (how we say pelita in english aa?). Those were the days. I wish that all those days would come again. Tapi its the hukum alam and masa, we would never turn back the clock. Huhu.
My mum favourite kuih would be badak berendam, kuih abuk2, onde-onde (in Kedah they called it kuih buah melaka) and also putri mandi. Sometimes, my mum would also make some pulut hitam porridge with the coconut milk on top of it (in Kedah, they mix the coconut milk together with the porridge). So tempting! Yummy.
Fo sahur, my mum would cook different dishes since my dad is a bit cerewet (he never wants something that is recook). With the delicious sambal telur and also serunding Kelantan (which I think the best!) that would do lah. Even now, during the sahur time, my hubby and I would just eat the serunding (right now beli kat Giant je.. same taste like Kelantan's) with the steamy rice. Kalau rajin tu, baru la add-on other type of lauk-pauk. Hehe.. eh lupa lak nak express my gratitude to my only sahur chef - my B. Hehe..Sat g marah plak tak announce his name.
So, my dear friends and family, I would like to wish everyone Salam Ramadhan and I'm looking forward to meet all my family members during Raya. Sadly, this year the government tak bagi bonus plak... HUwaAaAaaaaAAAAaaaaa.. macam mana nak kelik Melaka nih? Huhuhu. Sampai hati Pak Lah... huhu


Ateh said...

Alaaah...itu bonus depa tunggu lepas pilihanraya ler....saje jer tu...nak bagi time back to school nanti..

mama cute said...

aku tetap kecik ati kat pak lah... huhu, nak merajuk ngan dia lah.. hehehe

God Bless Us!

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