Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bahasa Kedah - Bahasa Malaysia

Welcome back. What I want to touch here is about the difference between the languages in Malaysia. The easiest sample would be the Bahasa Kedah and Bahasa Malaysia. In Kedah for instance, they called breakfast as menyorok (I dont know the exact spelling), whereby menyorok in BM means hiding. Quite funny sometimes when we listen to the Kedah's words. It was quite challenging when we are not speaking the same tune . Sometimes, we would also misunderstand it. I will show u some examples too.
This scenario happened 6 years back, the earlier days in Kedah after I got married with my husband.
"Syah, nyorok dah ka?" asked my mom in law. I was shocked at first. Why on earth should I be hiding? Then, my sister in law said,"Tau ka makna tu? Nyorok tu sarapan." Oh....
Next is this phrase.
"Mengkala mai?" If you are an outsider, you totally got confiused and don't know how to answer it. I just nodded my head and smiled when the first time someone asked me that question. Then, that person just laughed at me and asked me again by rephrasing her question,"Bila mai?" Oh.. mengkala mai means bila sampai - when did u arrive?
Now, look at this phrase. This thing happen when I was first posted in Kuala Nerang, Kedah which was absolutely a remote area at that time.
"Budak tu penyegan nak mampuih la. Tak tau nak buat apa dah!" said a lady teacher in my school. I was thinking,"Eh, bagus le dia penyegan. Kang kalau dia kurang ajar, payah plak!" I just kept my mouth shut since I don't know how to reply it. After a few weeks later, then only I knew that penyegan refers to lazy really-really lazy. They would also said it this way.. "Eee..segannya nak pi kantin". That means, "I'm so lazy to go the canteen." Hehe. Can you see it? That's how the Kedah said.
And MORE....
Kedah - Malaysia - English
buas - nakal - naughty.
e.g : Budak tu buas sungguh. (I tot buas refer to an animal's action - wild)

berceretet - terlalu ramai - too many
e.g : Anak-anak dia berceretet. (I don't know the word's origin)
moi - bubur nasi - rice porridge
e.g : Aku teringin nak makan moi. (Bubur in Kedah refers to the sweet porridge such as bubur chacha)
gerek - basikal - bicycle
e.g : Cek pi skola naik gerek. (Is it siamese language?)

market - pasar - market
e.g : Mama pi market tak sat ni. (Aik.. advance nih ada lak bhs omputih)
la - sekarang - now
e.g : Aku nak benda ni siap la. (Very short haaa..)
hang - kau - you
e.g : Hang nak pi mana? (Macam citer Hang Tuah daaa)
gerumit - pengasah pensel - sharpener
e.g : Mana pi gerumit aku? (It reminds me of Gurmit Singh..hahaha)
cham - pengumpul sampah - dust collector
e.g: Sapa pulak pinjam cham nih!

mertun - pengetuk besi - hammer
e.g : Hoi, mana hang nak bawa pi mertun tuu...
depa - mereka - they
e.g : Depa nak pi mana tu? (sometimes they pronounce it... lepa)

lemu - lembu - cow
e.g : Lemu cek kena semelih.

aiyaq - air - water
e.g: Aku lapaq aiyaq nih! ( They refer to thirsty as lapar instead of dahaga)

cek - saya - I
e.g: Cek tak tau la nak buat lagu mana. (cek is used to refer to his/herself in good manner)

lagu - macam - how
e.g : Lagu mana jadi ni?
mai - datang - come
e.g : Mai masa mana?

Sometimes, the Kedahan would say something in short sentences.
e.g :
  • Pi mana? (We always say : Kau nak pergi mana?)
  • La ni hang mau pa? ( Sekarang ni kau cakap kau nak apa?)

Anyway, I really hope that the Kedahan won't be mad at me. It's true right? The Kedahan have this some kind of unique characteristic in their language. They should feel proud using it. Same like the people in Melaka. They are recognised by the use of "sweet" language such as "Celaka ko!", "Lahabau" as a greet to their closest friends and relatives. Rasa macam tengah ajo kelas bahasa plak. So, can I considered myself multilingual?


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N now tgh glamer bahasa SMS...n of course this sms language will spoilt tatabahasa of B melayu...contoh cam bahasa kita kat dalam blog ni...wakakaka. anyway kalu buat blog dalam bentuk bahasa melayu yang berbudi bahasa ni gue rasa gue sundiri pun maleh nak buka sebab skema lah plak...x dpt nak bayangkan expression muka lu nanti....ahaks. So maybe to avoid that thing happen maybe this blog is only for 18 and above .Bukan untuk tontonan umum...ahaks

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