Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sehari di Cambridge...

The day we were in Cambridge, we were given several things to bring into the room.. One of them is this...

Yep, a headphone that is very useful at the end of the test. Other than that opkoz la token untuk main game kat Cambridge.. akkakak

This is our invigilator.. Sungguh garang beliau.. mencik! Sapa takde token tak boleh main game kat sini.. ciss.. 

This is me with my headphone.. Err.. lepas ni leh dapat pree dak headphone ni?

Sir Zainurin pulun jawab nampak.. kakakkaa

This is actually a test made specially for all English Language teachers. We were given 3 days to do the test and the first test is CPT (dunno what it stands for). They have 50 questions and you have to answer it within 30 minutes. After you log in your token, you have 8 hours left to complete the 30 minutes test. Yeah rite.. 30 minutes sounds easy eh.. we took more than that to finish that freaking test. We started at 9.30 and ended around 3.44. That is what they call 30 minutes.. Pooodaahhh.. Let me show what makes the 30 minutes test turn to several hours test... 

This is the cause.. the server is so weak. After we had answered few questions, suddenly the stupid server went down and we needed to reload and refresh and retry sampai mau muntah ijau.. shoot..

Munirah and I were the first tikus putih to try the test.

Yang bagi we all emo.. tengah dok pulun jawab suddenly.. Pluuppp.. meletup seh.. blackout pulak.. hanammm. So, we just chit chat while waiting for others to help us out. Kakakaka.. Cikgu BI tak reti nak repair apa pon ok.. repair language leh gagah.. kakakka

Sembang tanpa henti..

These are the two teachers yang pulun manjat sana sini looking for the sebab why the blackout happened. Dapat jugak jumpa.. and we wasted a few minutes here kan.. 

After all the trouble and emotional moments.. at last..

Yeeehuuu.. rasa nak panjat tiang seeing this thing ok. Masa dok buat the last question dok pedooo laa tamo bagi server down.. giler kentang dah emo and stress gila fafi dah at that time.

The Aftermath...
Ini adalah ... lu pikir la sendiri.. kakaka.. harap2 takde taik tinger terlekat kat situ.. kuikuikui

Sekian, macih.. sob sob.. terharu tahap gaban..

Tomorrow satu lagi.. grrr...

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