Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bookmark Burung Marah!

In conjunction with the 100th year celebration of my school, the pentadbir (Madam Aliyah) asked me to do something during that special day. I mean doing something to earn money for PSS. So, I ordered everything yang related to the 100th years celebration and also making these. Kuikuikui..

So, these are the materials...

Halfway doing it. I use Pelaka to colour the white part of the Burung Marah.. akakaka.. and use yellow coloured stickers for the beaks...

Then, I use marker pen (black) for the eyebrows.. kuikuikui. To make it long lasting, I laminate them.

After that, I put the eyeballs (the gedik-gedik ones) on them so that they can see you.. jeng jeng jeng..

The last stage: Putting the Joe Jambul on top of the heads and paste it on the sticks...

Oh..ada lagi... I stamp the stick with "Sambutan 100 tahun Sinar SKPP (1911-2011)"

Mabeles kan..

Please get your own Angry Bird bookmark on that special day at a special price u olss..

TQ.. mo rest skang..

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