Thursday, June 30, 2011

The day I learnt something new,,,

Most of friends know about my hobby and my desire towards arts. When my friend called me and asked me wether I wanted to join her class, I couldn't say no to her.. In fact, when she called me that day, I was half asleep...(waktu lapang haruslah tidur..kehkehkeh)

I know my friend heart English Country design. If you go to her house, starting from the living room till the kitchen, everything is English deco.. I do love the deco especially the flowers, the displays so comel etc, but to change everything in a blink of an eye, can cost me a fortune.. my pocket is not that fat..kakakka...So, to start off with... I joined the faux cake class.

It took around three hours to learn this... (three hours with all the cakes.. kehkehkeh.. and of course the makan-makan session pon included..kekeke.. that is why it took three hours..hehs) And it is not difficult at all.. White peanut only.. (Kacang putih only kakakka).

Down here you can see all our creation.. kehkehkeh.. no need to buy one la.. do it yourself.. easy maaa...

Merembes is it?
My sisters thought it was real.. hahaha

Looking forward our next lesson -- lukis-lukis bunga..kehkehkeh

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