Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kursus Again!

Last week, my friend sms-ed me and one of them called me to talk about the course..

"Syah, kita kena p course next week. Your name ada dalam list..Dapat surat dak gi?"
"Tak dak pong... nanti I ask my kerani..."

When I asked the clerk, she didn't know anything. Ok, fine by then.. Then on Sunday (public holiday), Liza called me asking about the course again. She wanted to carpool with me. Pergh.. So, I just told her to come to my house. Then, Kak Sue sms-ed me about the course again, she was telling me that not only my name is on the list but also my IC Number and phone number.. Ini....seriyessss.... Macam Wonderpet..kakaka

Maka, the next morning, I straight away went to Alor Star for Portfolio Assessment course organized by ELTC. Hoh! Dasat kan..akkaka.. belasah aje la.. mesti kena wat keje lepas nih.. Huwaaaa..

Tgh wat group discussion

Liza, Kak Sue and me -- camwhoring sebab dah boring giler time nih..akkakaka

The faci.. gorgeous giler!

Which is ours weh?

Ms Tan and Ms Leang so kusyuk listening to them... meh habaq mai jawapan..kakaka

What the course is all about? Well, mainly about doing the portfolio in school.. The students need to do the portfolio.. Remember the UPSR exam format is going to change later on.. so, this is one of the way to assess the students.. by using the portfolio. We just give them the tasks, ask the students to complete the tasks and the students will learn to assess themselves. The teacher will play the role of a facilitator. Bear in mind that the students need to the tasks outside the school hours. Meaning, they need to look for the source and materials outside the school hours. Pandai-pandai kome le.. End of the week, they need to submit all the things that they had done for the teacher to look at their progress. Yes, teachers... this thing will take a lot of time.. -Time Constraint akan menjadi halangan..hahahah.. mari kita tambah keje.. Yeeehawwww... kakakak

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