Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ciss..pancit lak!

On the way back to our home sweet home, we decided to use the long way. Kakaka.. cuci mato la kunun. While happily gossiping about this and that, I saw a big rock in the middle on the road..sempat daku mengelaknya -- I think. Then, gedegang... aiyooo..apakah?

"What the hell was that? I tot sudah elak lor.."

But, I kept on driving.. lalalala. Pehtu my stereng suddenly making some vibration and I thought that my car was imbalance - macam senget sebelah. Hrmmm...

"Kalau pancit, orang habaq kita kan.."
"Mesti depa habaq noo.."

Haram...takdak orang bagi signal pong kata tayar pancit.. sungguh tak prihatin orang Kedah nih! Hoh!

At Bukit Indah, a yellow car driver showed me something..

"Aku pasan tayar weh.."

My friend asked me to look for the nearest workshop, and I decided not to. Sat gi rim aku bengkok, naya.. dah la baper belas kilometer berjalan tanpa sedar. Hoh! Fine then.. I was thinking of changing the flat tyre.. unfortunately I don't know how. Hoh kan? Kakakkaa.. Apparently, none of us have the knowledge how to change the freaking tyre! Damn! I called my hubby and he asked me to call Kak Sue's hubby to bring us home. Hujan lebat tatkala itu! Double HOH! So, we waited for Incik Zul to come and rescue us. Kakkaka..

Sambil tunggu Rescue Ranger, amek gambo tayar dulu. Cesss..

I saw a police car and gave them signal to help us out. Tapi...

Haram jua.. hampehnye polis! Tamo tolong masyarakat.. Hampeh dan hampeh.. Mencik I..

And they tried really hard to make others knew that we were in trouble --- hampeh jua. Maybe sebab all of us are mothers.. so saham tarak.. Haruskan kitaorang menyingkatkan kain di lain kali? Ciss..

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