Saturday, April 24, 2010

Medical Camp!

So, today I joined the Medical Camp organised by Pfizer Malaysia, Rotary Club Alor Setar and Divine Life Society in collaboration with Disciplinary Unit of SK Haji Abdullah Sadun, Parent Teacher Association of SKHAS and also Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung.
My tutor called me a day before and invited me to join the camp. He even told us to dress like the volunteers. Kakkaka.. He also invited Sis Jam to come along. Wah.. nasib baik ada member.

The next morning at 10 am, we went to that school. Wah, sungguh ke dalam! Kalau tak tanya orang memang wajib sesat..akakkak... We were so lucky to meet the bedak sejuk guy and he asked us to follow him to school. Sungguh bes!

We quickly look for my tutor and we found this guy pulak...kakkaka

The GPMS President in Kedah - Encik Nazar (forgot his full name already...kuikuikui). When he knew that I am the blogger (syok sendiri type), he told me this..

"Salah tulis, saya saman..."
Kakkaka..sungguh tatot.. tamo tamo..

After we had our lunch --kakaka.. tak mula keje dah mamam dah..tak senonoh tol, we headed to the registration table and helped my tutor to write down the particulars of the community. Jadi PA Mr Siva la gamaknya. Before that.. sila camwhoring dulu..kaakkaka

Kakakaka.. so, sudah rasa comel, then we started our work. Nak buat menda lain tak reti, so tolong tulis je la..akkakak

Here, in the medical camp, you can check you Blood Pressure, Eyes, the cholesterol and sugar in your blood. The most important thing is -- everything is for free. Dasat kan! So, rugi kalau tak datang...eheheh

The lady with the blue shirt is from Pfizer. Beliau lak tukang amek darah orang.. hehe..

Macam sakit tapi caittt.. tak sakit langsung...wakakka

You can check your eyesight here :). Without the contact lens please.. dem!

So sad to look at the scale. Me so gemuk and I am considered as Pre Obese even though some one told me that I look sexy...akkaka..apakah?!! Kakakakk

After I checked my BMI which is pre obese (demit), I went here to have the blood test to check the cholesterol and fat inside my blood. Dasat! Result within 3 minutes je.

Pokcik.. dok elok-elok ye... eegeggegeg

Beriya-iya si Jam suruh doktot ni join sembang...kuikuikui
The camp ended around 1 in the afternoon. Overall, it is okay and the community is giving the 100 percent support towards the medical camp. Thank you Mr Siva for letting us to join the camp!


Jojoe said...

dah 3 kali check jenis darah..tak pernah dapat result yg betul..konpiusssssss....

MaszLaVista said...

muke ko ketika menimbang itu sgt soooomel!!!

God Bless Us!

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