Wednesday, April 21, 2010

His Last Gift...

Babah liked to sedekah not to only his children but also the people around him. He once had accidentally gave RM50 to a small kid because he thought that it was RM1. But then, he told Mak..
"Takpe la.. dah rezeki dia.."

Back to the story, Babah was so eager to give me a present because since I moved into my new house, he had never give me any present. That is what he normally do when his children moved into a new house or had any special occasion. He planned to give the aircond on the day my son had the potong-potong thing (I dunno how to spell that thing). It was on December. But then, during Hari Raya, he told me this..

"Nanti Babah nak bagi kau aircond la. Rumah kau panas sangat. Bila diaorang nak sunat tu?"
"Bulan doblas la Bah.."
"Nanti Babah bagi...Hadiah untuk orang sunat."

My hubby and I refused to accept that gift since that thing is quite expensive. Still Babah insisted to let we have it.

"Kau letak la kat bilik Adam."
"Adam tak tido pon bilik dia.."
"Letak kat mana dia tido la senang..."

And after Hari Raya, Mak called me.

"Babah dah pi bank dengan Farhan. Dia dah masukkan duit kat kau."
"Duit apa pulak?''
"Duit aircond."
"Apsal awal sangat masuk. Kata bulan doblas.."
"Ntah la Babah ko.. sebuk soh masukkan.. "

Then, the next day I called Mak and I could hear Babah was asking something...

"Oh.. Babah tanya ko dah beli ke blom?"
"Blom le.. takde masa nak pegi. Sibuk nih."
"Haa..cepat le beli..memekak lak si Babah karang.."

After a week, then only I could get the time to buy that thing. I called Mak after we had installed that thing. Babah was so happy to hear that news and he even talked to Adam about that aircond. And of coz the kids were super happy to have that.

"Macam kat hotel la Datuk. Terima kasih Datuk.."

Dunno what to type anymore.... I guess he knew that he will be gone before December. Babah even bought two China silk clothes to be given to Uda and Alang for their birthday which falls on December and January. He had never done this before. It seemed like he knew his time will come.

The reason that I wrote this.... is today I talked to a friend about our late fathers. She lost her dad in October and me a month after that. We talked about all the sweet memories and we cried together softly while doing our tasks. I realize that eventhough Babah has long gone (long for some people but not for me), I still do miss him a lot. I miss his voice, I miss his warmth smile, I miss his laugh when I asked him to carry Mak to the clinic when Mak sick few weeks before he passed away, I miss his cough, I miss his everything and the most important thing... I miss his smell. And when I call Mak, I still want to ask about Babah..
"Babah tengah buat apa Mak?"
And I realize.. oh.. Babah is no more (T_T)

Al-Fatihah to Babah. I love you Babah... to late to say that though (T_T)

Babah's slippers

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MaszLaVista said...

owh kak syidah...aku sungguh sedih membacenye =(

God Bless Us!

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