Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Running Dictation

Kalau sapa-sapa tak pernah buat ini activity, buleh la korang ikuti.. First, let me explain how it works. Normally, the teacher will just dictate and the students jot down the sentences. Running dictation is different. The students will dictate and their friends will jot down the sentences. Let say there is 4 person in a group. The group leader will sit on the chair and wait for their friends to say out the sentences. The other group members will go and hunt for the sentences, memorize and convey the messages to their group leader.

For good class, you can always put different sentences and ask them to rearrange the sentences in order. For not-so-good class, you just give them sentences that are simpler and easier to read. Kalau tak, naya la korang. Just like what I had experienced it today!

For good class, you can always ask them to rearrange these sentences after they have copy the strips.. You have to provide the picture to guide them. (Sentence strips setelah dicabut sebab lepas ni kelas lain lak -- weaker ones kita bagi hat mudah sket)

For weaker class, I give the whole passage. But then I just check on their spellings! I should use simpler sentences.. tak hengat masa buat daa..akkakak... cian anak murid aku..kijam sungguh cikgu dia...kuangkuangkuang

The ketua penuh perasaan squatting to get the info right!

Trying to memorize the words is not an easy task for weaker students. But they were so happy to do this activity!

Tulis jangan tak tulis..

And of course to make it fun, you have to let them to compete among themselves. Winners will get the prize.. Talking about the winners.. aiyoooo...ticer lupa beli hadiah korang. Takpe la.. esok ticer beli kat kedai koperasi aje.. ekekekek.. Pensel sebatang pon depa suka sampai nak panjat tiang tu...kakakakka

So, teachers... plez try this in your school. Your kids gonna love it. All the four skills will involve indirectly when you use this activity.
Listening : the leader needs to listen to get the info right
Speaking : the informant should speak to convey the message
Reading : both parties need to read their messages to check their spellings etc
Writing : the leader need to write what their friends said

Happy trying teachers!!!


Lovely Bella said...

suke aktiviti cenggini.. seronot.. !! salam singgah.. :) jenjalan di pagi sabtu

Ticer Syah said...

uik..pepagi buto dah jenjalan cari makan..akakka

God Bless Us!

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