Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Training of Trainers @ IPGM Kampus Jitra

Rasa macam dah lama tak pergi kursus... so yesterday I got a calling letter to go for a course. It was written on the letter "Training of Trainers". In my head I was thinking about the same course that I had attended a few years back when I was in Langkawi and Penang... (aiyoooo..sudah more than once)

But then, I couldn't remember any...wakakaka.. super silly me. I looked at the venue and said

"Oh.. kat Ipda aje.. no more hotel? Sungguh tak bes.."

Early in the morning, I sent my son to school and rushed to IPGM. Looking for Bilik Bestari macam susah tapi tak susah pong.. The first man I saw was Mr Foozi. Then, baru la nampak Mr Siva, Mr Fadzilah and lain-lain suspek yang tidak dikenalpasti. Hehehe..

Ok, to cut the story short.. just look at the pictures ok.. letih tak hengat nih!

This is what we did during our first slot. Ice-breaking session. We were asked to create our own badge and put some symbols that represent us. This is how my badge looks like. Other participants should ask me what the symbols mean.. so this is what I told them..haha

Syah - my glamourous name..wakakaka
Flower - of coz i love flowers... if they ask me where did I do my gardening.. my answer would be very simple.. -Farmville..wakakkaa
1911 - that's my birthdate!
letter 'f'- represent the Facebook --which I am truly addicted to it.. huhu
letter 'b'- represent the Blogger -- I have my own blog.. so, they should know about it too..heheh..pomot tak hengat!

Origami kununnye.. ceh.. anyway, mine is the most comey ones..wakakaka...because only my name got the Pooh's sticker on it!

I forgot her name. But she's good. I like the way she talks! Inspiring!

This is my career path. You can always click on the picture for zooming :)

This is what our group thoughts on What An Ideal Trainer Should Be! Of course the tulisan belongs to me...wakakakka..comel kan.. ngeee

The photographer of the day is Mr Foozi. Pulun bangat amek gambar ini orang.. kuikuikui

Mr Siva and Madam Jam... sibuk je nak tiru orang minah nih. Orang nak amek gambo, dia pon nak follow.. Sungguh hoh! Wakakakaa...

We went back around 4.30pm. I then rushed to the nearest KFC to buy something for the kids! Mamanya sangat busy hari ni..haru sungguh! Then at 5.00 pm, I sent the kids to Quran class and vrooming to Alor Setar. I had an appointment at 5.30pm!

Ahhh.. meeting my trainer after a month off is a bless! Yes, eventually I got myself back to the gym and having my regular exercise done! Huhu.. Sudah berat, need to get rid on those fat! My trainer told me to do some exercise at home! He thought me all the things that I need to do and insyaAllah I will do it! (Chewah..macam betul je nak janji..kuikuikui)

And of course, after a month off, the trainer was training me like mad! Hua hua hua.. sungguh letih tak terkata! He even said that my stamina is good (Damn!) And kept on giving me this and that.. so hari ni mostly play with the dumbell, batang besi panjang yang god-knows-what-the-name is tuuu, buat exercises on the mat (squad la, itu la ini la..) and lastly baru buat threadmill!

Normally I can walk with the speed of 5.0, but then today he asked me to run at the speed of 7 (lima kali polak tu... gilor) and walk at the speed of at least 5 or 6. Tak menahan..last last aku just walk at 4.5 only. I have to do it on my own pace right?

Me and Kak Di went back at 7.30 dan sampai rumah exactly at 8pm. Waduh...

Tatkala malam menjelma...

Lepak sini polak, with my ex-tutor. She wanted me to join her in an MLM business. Damn! Don't they know that I don't really favour this kind of thing! Arrggh... sungguh letih!


MaszLaVista said...

aku hengat laa kan kak syidah, madam jam tu pon ade blog laa..sebab tu die pon amik pic cam hang gak..

.: mama cute :. said...

dia ada pesbuk ler..baru je i add dia..wakakakaka.. cun giler si jam ni.. she's 45 maaa.. tp still gojes! jeles i

God Bless Us!

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