Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Apabila cikgu-cikgi berlakon!

Today is the second day of the ToT course. It is a good course actually. Eventhough I had been to this kind of course before, still, there are some new things that I gain from this course. Maybe during the last time the size of the crowd is quite big (just imagine all the districts were put together in one big hall which in the end we all were like -- buzz grouping among ourselves!) Now, there are less than 30 participants, so, we have all the time in the world to absorb everything! Nom..nom..nom.. (tiba-tiba tingat kat Cafe World!)

The best part is when we have to be some sort of pelakon. Sis Jam and Mano are asked to be Datin Siti Nurhaniza and Datuk M. There are rumours that their marriage is in trouble, so during the PC, the reporters will ask various questions and they need to answer everything. I play the role as the reporter..kuikuikui... from Harian Metroll (pinjam ko punya blog ye Obe!)

This is before the press conference. Musti amek gambar la dei....Paparazzi style..wakakkaa

Datin Siti Nurhaniza and Datuk M are very calm when answering the reporters' questions.

I asked the question:
"Datuk.. did you really punch Datin when both of when out for dinner a couple of weeks ago?"

This is what Datuk M stands for Mano answered:
"Where got punching? Pinching-pinching only... those are rumours la.. we only pinching-pinching!"

This is the second Datuk M and Datin Siti Nurhaniza... lawak giler juga.. Pecah pewot masing-masing.. Kalau bab acting memang boleh bagi kat depa nih..

After the gelak-gelak session, it's time to get boring serious! Wakakakaka

Seriyes nih! Sampai tak paham nak buat apa! Hoh!


ONE ZABA said...

heppp....ketupat tak masak lagi tu. raya dekat dah ni.

eeeda said...

syah hang memang sesuai bab2 mcm nie.... blh bikin org pecah perut...

.: mama cute :. said...

jiran cha ya nun alif kami ni dah enjoy sakan..ekkeke

aiyooo.. ekkeke

God Bless Us!

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