Monday, February 15, 2010

Mom is here! Part 2

My sister-in-law texted my mom to buy a tikar for her. We went to look for it in Padang Besar but there's none. Maybe tak jumpa. So, on the way to Jitra, we dropped by at Sayuti's shop. A shop that sells Jati furnitures etc. We were so lucky because the lady said that they are having sales! Wow! Drooling lagi!

That the tikar that my SIL wanted! The price was so cheap. Only RM30 lor. My mom told me that in Melaka it costs around RM 70! Hua hua hua.. And you can also get that tikar for RM30 if you go to Wang Kelian. But then the duit minyak will cost you more than that. So, lebih baik beli kat sini. The name of the kedai is Sayshiba. Near Hosba. The gudang is at Napoh. Kalau sale and you decided to buy the Jati furniture, you can always go to Napoh. Sila datang awal bagi mengelakkan kerugian..ngehehe.. Normally people will come as early as six o'clock in the morning just to book for their favourite furniture! Sungguh luar biasa!

The kids apa lagi, took advantage to camwhore while the Mum and Nenek busy cuci mata..ekekke

The trademark of the kedai! So, dari jauh you can always see this big chair.. jadi takkan salah kedai ponya lor..

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