Saturday, September 5, 2009

Breaking fast at Albukhary Mosque

Every Thursday would be my hubby's turn to watch over the people and also the food during the bukak posa time. So, he brought us along every Thursday.

Mamam with the orphanage. As a start, we just ate the porridge, dates, mineral water and also some kuih-muih. Sodap...hehe. After the Maghrib prayer, we went to the cafeteria for the real makan-makan time..kuikuikui.

Meh posing with Ibu..hehe..Ibu sapo nih.. meh aku nak lelong...wakakakakka.

After we had our makan-makan, we went straight to my MIL's house for lepaking and terawikh. Hehehe.. pehtu ada supper lagi di rumah ibu mertuaku.. Sangat konyang tahap gaban!

The kids as usual, sangat sukak latang sini..ada banyak toys jugakkk...

Encik Hubby was trying to use the camera..sapa ponya nih..aku nak lelong gak...kuikuikui.. As always, we went back around 11 pm.. aku yang kena drive sebab Encik Hubby sudah letih..huhu. Seb bek bini dia ni F1 nye drebar.. heheh

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