Monday, August 10, 2009


I had been quite bz for some time due to my workload. Preparing exam questions, marking the papers, having my own exams and also enjoying my yo-ya, yo-ya time! I also had no time to layan this blog and to put and post this and that like the old days.. huhu.. So, I cramped all the things in one post, if that's ok with you... aku..suka aku lah nak boh macam mana pong kan kan..

This is the time where I have tons of papers to be marked!

This is the time where at the end of the month, I need to count all the palangs and make sure that the calculation is right. I also need to fill in the borang ponteng, to monitor the students who like to skip school and yo-ya yo-ya outside during the school hour!

This is the time where I went to see my hubby taking his superbike license. Hahaha.. takde lesen ghupenyer..

This is the time when one day I was picking up Adam and most of the kids were wearing the masks..pakat jadi Mask Rider suma olang..

This thing happened last Friday. We got this twin yolks inside an egg.

This is the time during our first day of OUM exam in IPGM Perlis. Muka tensi keluar dari dewan.

At night, we went out for shopping. Bought some baju raya for the kids... ada sale kat Aneka, Jitra Mall. Sekang pon still sale..leh la pi cuci mato and poket too..ekekkeke. Every RM50 you spent, you got the chances to play this golf.. kalau masuk lubang, leh beli barang murah..huhu.. kitaorang dapat 4 kali try..tapi satu pong tak masuk lubang..wakakkakaka..

The latest picture of Kak Nor and me. The sengal faces going back home after having a jolly good battle in the hall.

Harinye dewan exam kat dalam gimnasium sbb dewan yang sebenornye telah digunapakai oleh orang len..tak ke sengal.. huhu.. seb bek aircon best.

That's all the reports that I could present to you at this moment. Sorry if the English usage for this post did not meet your standard requirement. Anyway thanks for the critics eventhough the way you show it did not meet my standard requirement...waakkakakak. Adios bebeh!

*Continue to hibernate*


ONE ZABA said...

muahhahahaa... motor beso lesen tak dak!!!tapi biasanya pak polisi tu tahan yg pakai motor kecik-kecik je.

wanliz said...

lubang len msk x? wakaka..

.: mama cute :. said...

oneZ: btoi tu..kalo tahan pon depa tengok tang road tax aje..hehehe... jarang depa saman.. abang banyak kali dah selamat bila buat roadblock..mcm tak aci je kan.kekeke

yus: lubang lain sedia2 masuk..wakakakkakakakak... hampeh

God Bless Us!

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