Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why do people hate you?

I dunno why I wrote this.. it just came to my mind last Thursday when one of my colleague came to me and pour her heart out. She claimed that people did not give her the coorperation that she needed and she told me that sometimes she felt like being isolated. Why do this happen? Do you always face the same thing just like my colleague felt?
I had once faced this kind of situation. It really feels like shit when people are ignoring you and talking bad things behind your back and no one cares to tell you what you did wrong. I knew that people used to hate me because I had chosen the wrong person to be my friend. But then, it is not my fault that I had chosen the wrong one. They should warned me rather than boycotting me silently.. which I think that is the most cowardest way to do! They don't even have balls to tell me about that particular person.
I often felt betrayed, lonely and isolated when I first came to that school. And this person asked me to join her and there I was... I just listened to her, followed her and believed every single word that she said and in the end everyone in the school except her had become my silent enemy. I trusted her and started to grow my hatred among the other colleagues in school. Alas, I had more enemies than friends..and being used by this so called friend all the time. She used me just to cover her back and I was so stupid and naive to follow her stupid steps. At that time, people chose not join me in anything that I did. At last, I just did all the things on my own.
It was two years back when my so called friend transferred to other school. I was sad at first but after some time, I could get on my feet back.. and then I realised that she used me for so many things... The truth had revealed one by one and those people had became friendly to me suddenly which I was quite surprised at first. They started to say Hi to me, exchanged their Hellos and started to give their helping hands whenever I need it.
I did my own research why do this things happen... it is just simple.. Let me make it into points so that it will be easier for you to digest..

1. NEVER trust only a person.
2. You got to mix around with everyone in the school/workplace. (I was scared to mix around with people because I had been brainwashed by my 'friend' from Day 1!
3. NEVER try to befriend with the administrator for the first time because people will suddenly make assumption that you are going to aircon-ing the administrators.. which is very-very dangerous! Befriend to everyone that you meet including the gardener. A good rapport is very important ok!
4. Watch your mouth! Don't simply talk about your excellent contribution in your former workplace, people might judge you differently. You have to remember that people just love to assume unnecessary things.. haha

There's more.. but I'm outta words now. Got other things to do lah.. I remembered once Nurul quoted that..
If you see a person with good attitude, you should follow that attitude...
If you see a person with bad attitude, look into yourself.. are you potraying that bad attitude..
So.. renung-renungkan.. dan selamat beramal! :D

My fwens.. I love them all (^_^)v

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