Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Activities for the last 6 days...

For the last six days, I had been very busy... with my assignments of course which is until now, still 'hanging'. Haha... Not only that, my friends and I are quite busy with the school event - Hari Anugerah Cemerlang.. that is tomorrow. So, we are busy with the preparation and since I am the AJK for Persembahan and also the translator, my schedule is quite full.. kalah artis ok! I tried to fast for the whole but I can't make it.. I just make it for a day..hehehe... Let's us go through the pictures and you just need to read the captions ok!

The new look of mini library... should put or draw something on the wall.. to make it more livelier.

Mandi-manda during the weekend!

Observing the trainee...hehhee.. I am not their guru pembimbing... but then, I still observe them. Ahaks...

The new radio.. belongs to my school.. Sangat berguna and has a lot of functions.. :D

Group pancaGARAM berlatih for Hari Anugerah Cemerlang

Preparing this for the next class..hehehe.. clothing baru nak masuk dei.. nak wat macam mana.. kelas belakang.. slow learner plak... sabo je den..hahahah

Rehearsal this morning for HAC

Geng Kompang Selawat... practice.. full rehearsal ni..

Action song.. jangan tak eksen..hahah

Ok people.. that's all for now.. Gotta go.. I'm not available till this coming Saturday.. sambil2 tu plez read my previous entries ok!..

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eeeda said...

Tahniah, orang yang berjaya..adalah org yang bersungguh dalam melakukan sesuatu yg diamanahkan.....hebat demo nie serba boleh...

God Bless Us!

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