Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Solar Eclipse in my school

So, today is the solar eclipse that will happen only once in a lifetime because this time the solar eclipse happens for more than 6 minutes.. which the longest in history and it will happen again in 2132. Pergh.. I am already in my own grave by that time huh..

Gerhana matahari melanda lagi. I used my camera phone and a film to capture this picture. This is the best shot that I can get. Tencen. I should use my digital camera huh. I left it at home.

The level 2 students and the teachers prayed at the surau... the solar eclipse prayer.

The teacher let the students to experience the solar eclipse by letting them look at the sun using the film.

The kids kept on asking..
"Teacher... matahari sakitkah?"
"Kenapa jadi macam tu aaa teacher?"
"Nak kiamat kah?"
"Nak tengok lagi boleh kah teacher?"

And I just answered...
"Stay in line boys and girls.. sapa naughty tak bleh tengok!"

When we got back to class, I showed them how the solar eclipse works. Luckily I still remembered what my Science teacher taught me when I was in secondary school. Hehehhe...They were so anxious to know everything about how the sun gets sick...(that's what they thought!).

"Kenapa moon depan sun teacher?"
"Takdak jalan lain kah?"
"Abis tu sat gi malam kah?" many questions mengalahkan kaunter pertanyaan. Then, I just answered...
"Ask your Science teacher sat gi noo..let's continue with your work kids!"

Bottom line,they were so lucky to have their chance to watch the solar eclipse and I don't think they could make it in 2132 later..haha!

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