Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Netball during the Fitness Month

In conjunction to the Fitness Month, our school organized the netball match for the teachers and students to mingle together as a team. So, Nurul, Anis, Kak Umi, Kak Embon, Bonda, the trainee teacher and I were in Team B. We fought like hell...wakakakkaa and in the end we won... Dasat...

Pulun nak main..

Peace bebeh.. Our headmistress holding the whistle.. foul! Mana bleh posing masa main...hahaha

Masuk ke tak masuk ke tak..jeng jeng jeng... rahsia..

After the game, the AJK Makanan prepared the laksa and other food for us to enjoy. Letih bangat seh.. I arrived at my house around 7 pm. Tired but happy...wakkakakka

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NoRT said...

bagus2...cekgi2 main netbol

God Bless Us!

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