Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We got the 4th place!

This is our first year taking part in the Action Song competition. The students did well on this day and they thought they will get at least the 3rd place. Unfortunately, the luck is not on our side that day. We felt a bit frustrated because it seemed like the judges had miss the important part of the competition.. it is about the rules.. whereby the Action Song participants should be only for the Level 1 students that are the students from Year 1, 2 and 3 only. The 2nd runner up winner has the Year 4 students..which is so obvious.. if you look at the size of their body. I felt like I wanted to complain against it but then that particular school is also my friend..which she will know that it would be me the one who complains about it.. so I'm afraid that I might lost a friend over this competition. Anyhow, she knew how we felt and she sent me SMS that evening..

"Ramai x puas ati dgn keputusan tajddin (SK Sultan Ahmad Tajudin) menang aku rasa hangpa punya syok dri persembhn depa tp besa la... judge x reti nilai..hehe"

I was thinking of typing this...and reply it to her...
"Lebih tak adil kalau sekolah tu hantaq budak Year 4 instead of Level 1 students.. they should follow the rules rite! Anak u Yr 4, how come she can masuk?"

but then I just sent this text to avoid any confrontation..ngeee..
"Km pun frust x giler. Mkn x lalu. Dpa malu kalau skola kluster kalah dengan pdg perahu yang kampung tu."

Then, she replied..
"Sek tu tak salah tp judges yang bangang..patut kita (my school and hers) menang"

I chose not to reply to her back.. haha!

And I thought... what the heck.. it's only a competition eventhough the students were so down because they we hoping they could win.. even my headmistress thought about the same thing..

Puan GB: Tahniah, tahniah... cantik depa buat.. saya nak book depa ni untuk persembahan Hari Anugerah nanti..
Anis: Syah, I rasa kita ni at least ada number.. so nice Syah
Nurul: Aku tak sangka budak kita wat elok... terer hang Syah... aku teruja tengok depa menari masa wat formasi pulau.. santek bangattt.. kita bleh menang..
Kak Nah: Cantik betul stokin depa dari jauh.. nampak sama je tarian.. tak sangka hari ni depa buat elok..

But then, we have to agree to Qada' and Qadar rite.. Maybe this is the best way to get number 4 so that the teachers in SKPP including me won't feel boasted...haha.. and I am so regret that I did not do the Solat Hajat that very night..

Getting ready to get off from the stage..

Akmal and I taking the certificates... we got 4th place from 8 participating schools. Not too bad eh.. but getting the top 3 is even nicer.. hmmm....


Anuar Manshor said...

Oklah itu. Tak terlalu hebat, tak terlalu teruk. Kan sebaik-baik perkara adalah pertengahan. haha

.: mama cute :. said...

btoi btoi.. sat g kalau hebat cikgu2 dia riak tak hengat dunia plak.. penuh satu FB ngan blog citer pasal dpt no 1..wakakkakakka

taun depan kami akan latih awal lagi.. bermula ujung taun ni..hahahah

God Bless Us!

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