Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cerita ceriti cuti sekolah...

Anak-anak Sidek couldn't wait to go back to Melaka

As usual during the school holiday, we went back to my hometown. This time we had done so many activities together. Too bad that some of us were not with us due to their workload and so on. However, we still managed to survive without them...hehehe.

On the first day of arriving, we just sit lazily at home, watching tv and so on. The next day, Uda's family arrived. We planned to do something fun like going out together and we decided to go to Jonker Walk which had made Alang a bit jealous.

Posing kat signage Jonker Walk

Macam-macam ada.... duit je tatakkk...

We went back a bit early since the kids had already mengamuk... some even said that they were tired. The result... the parents were a bit sad because they could not shop like there's no tomorrow.

The lollypop cookies...

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that we also made these cookies while we were in Melaka... Haha.. It was fun making the cookies together and a lot of time was spent to do it!
Since all the parents were not happy during our little shopping spree at the Jonker Walk, we decided to go to that place again..Ngeee...
So, the next agenda is to shop at Jonker Walk again.. This time Arrpek joined us and had a good time!
We did it during the second night at Melaka. We even took Wawan as a hostage to bring us around on his big MPV. Then, we strolled together by the Malacca river and watched the Pesta Sungai at Kampung Morten.

One of the house in Kampung Morten.

Next day, Alang's family arrived.

The Papa, the kids and I

We went to Bukit St Paul for sight-seeing. Three families and we felt like tourist from nowhere.. Serious.. macam tak pernah datang... Hahaha.. The last time I went up this hill was before I got married.. Lama giler...
We didn't know what to do that night..Hehe.. Then, my little brother decided to belanja us some bowling game at Mahkota. Waa... sudah lama tak main bowling and the results that we got were quite awful...Hehehehe... Kaki longkang pon ada dei...We booked two lorong with ten of us to battle...Sabo je lar..

Our final result during the first game. Can you see how many telur that we get that night... We planned to bake cakes using the eggs..Hoho..

Aksi daring tak hengat.. Macam nenek tua nak aim bola daaa...

It's the kids' turn to have their day of fun.
After several days the parents were out to have fun, we gave the kids a break too. We went to Jusco and brought them here.. They played for 20 minutes...waakkakaaka..

Mydin at MITC

Next stop was at the Mydin at MITC Melaka. The place is huge and has a lot of shops.. I really love this place.. especially with the blouses and shirts that are super cheap and also worth it. Hehehe.. Beli seluar belang yang somel untuk titon malam.. Besh.

I think that are some of the stories that I share with you. I slept twice while writing this post. Ngantuk bangat seh... wakakakkaka... Please excuse the errors with the grammar and spelling because I am so mengantuk rite now...haha.. Will update more later lah. In the meantime, I'm going out to fetch my baby Salman. Hehehe.. Chow bebeh!

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