Friday, May 1, 2009

Tak pernah dibuat dek aku.. wakakkaa

Normally I just type what I wanted to type in the posting area without any drafts.. I never write anything using drafts (however I always ask my students to write draft during the writing workshop...wakakakka)... even when doing my assignments.. takde dalam kamus hidup dei.. For me, drafts are like wasting my time and papers too.. Why must I do the drafts if I could just cut and paste here and there whenever I like. Haha.. But, yesterday was the first time I used the draft to write about this post. Kuikuikui..
Actually I remembered about one incident that happened years back. I didn't want to slip away, so I wrote a draft...Here, I rewrite what I'd written on that piece of paper.. haha

I remembered once when I was teaching in SK Tandop Besar. It was the mid term examination week. After the BM paper had ended, I took one of the student's paper and read his composition. He supposed to write about a proverb "Seperti Kacang Lupakan Kulit". If you look at the title, your impression would be that the student will write a story that have some incidents and in the end the incident/s will mirror the proverb. However, this particular student was writing something different. He used the Kacang and the Kulit as two different characters.. and the Kacang and also Kulit had other friends namely as Pisang, Kacang Buncis and so on.
The story went as Kacang and his friends went to play near the river.. on the way to the river, a lot of things happened. Then, the big incident came where they mandi-manda in the river suddenly Kulit drowned...then sadly Kacang didn't know how to help Kulit and he let Kulit tried to save himself from drowning.. That's how the Kacang Lupakan Kulit incident happened. I laugh out loud inside the classroom.. sampai berair mataku itew..Hoho..
When I showed the paper to the BM teacher, the teacher yelled throughout the staffroom..I knew that Kak Wan so double-angry when she read the paper.. I couldn't share my laugh with her though.. I still remembered Kak Wan's words.. "Aku ngajaq macam nak mampoih karangan ni, dia boleh buat macam ni. Nak kena dah budak nihhhhhhh!!!! Gerammm akuuuu..." She dissapeared from the staffroom.
Well.. I thought that boy was creative... hehehe.. So, I had to share the laugh with others which they too found that the writing was funny and hillarious (especially when Kacang really lupakan Kulit part..) haha.. Until now, I still laugh when I remembered that story.

Aku teringat kisah itew tatkala aku menanda kertas budak nih.. Hehehe.. Saja nak hilang tencen bila dah boring menanda kertas.. 3 kelas sehhh..

P/S: Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get! Huhu..

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