Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wif Birthday Gurl!

Dear blog aku yang syok sendirik..
Today, I met my old friends. The last time we met was before the Chinese New Year, I think. At 3.00 pm, we decided to have our lunch date at Darulaman Country Club. Sharon did all the reservation and so on. Even though this place is just behind my housing area, this is my first time entering this place lah. Wakakakaka.. sungguh dasat aku nih..
The first person arrived at the restaurant was of coz the birthday girl along with Sis Tina, our long lost friend.. hehe.. we rarely meet her since she became the lecturer of IPDA. So, when the five not-so-old ladies were altogether.. of course there's a lot of stories to be told and heard. The gossips are always on top! Wakakakaka..The most hot topic mestilah about our slimming agenda. Haha.. And today, every single one of us had broken the rules! We happily ate the rice (fried rice lagikk.. cehh... so many calories!), the steamboat (stim sehh makan), and of course our ice cream as our desert..yummy yummy.

Makanan yang penuh meja! Inside this picture is Tina and Sharon.

Pwincess Adi sedang penuh tekun dan tawadhuk mengambil makanan.. wakakakka

Kapla rombongan pulun mencari uwang untuk membayar... hoho

Posing maut. Charlie's Angels.. huhu.. terlebey suda.. wakakakkaka.. Silap tak pakai high heel.. hoho..

Nak balik time. Ayu je birthday gurl turun tangga.. wakakkaka...

Before we went back home, we gave the presents to Fathique which she's so happy to have it and snap a few pictures.. Unfortunately, I forgot to upload the pictures plak. Then I quickly sms-ed my cousin to bring over the camera. Aisey.. seb bek dan.

Later, in the evening, I waited for my hubby to get home. We went to the Actfirst Ceramic Shop (kedai tile la senang citer). We were looking for the tiles that would suit our wet kitchen. This time.. I choose the colour ok. Pink would be it.. wakakakakkaka.. so Encik Hubby would have to agree with me after a few hiccups.. hoho..

Plez let me have this!

Or this!

This also can lah!

Mama.. plez wake up. We haven't decide anything for the wall yet. We come here just for the tile lantai yang tak cukup tu!


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