Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Students, My Darlings, My Everything.. edisi sabo je la..

Aloha people, this is Ashraf Hassan. He's one of my students in 2 Melati (which is the KIA2M class). After 3 and a half week of using the Read Easy method, this boy has completed the Book 1. He knows all the five sounds and blends the sounds into a word. I am so impressed with this boy. He has his own determination to succeed. Keep it up boy!

This is Hussien Al-Hafiz. One of the most naughtiest, hyperactive student in my class. I need to talk softly with him because sometimes he's a bit sensitive. You can see it here when I praised other students.. he'll get mad easily. Haha.. Sometimes, he's a bit funny. Amacam? Senang kan jadi cikgu ni.. Hoho. Oh ye, btw the cards that used in the video is the sandpaper alphabet. Baru siap satu set.. I need to make another two sets.. FYI, I have another 6 students that have the same characters of Hussien Al-Hafiz. Tak reti duduk diam, refuse to learn, senang berasa bosan bila belajar, dan juga gemar bermain. So, I need to use various kind of methods to make them learn. Kadang-kadang kena guna banyak visual spatial activities since they love to move! Tiring but sometimes exciting! Hmmm..semuanya buah hati teacher!

If you think that you have no patience to teach these students, I guess you better not to be a teacher.. wakakakkaa

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