Sunday, March 15, 2009

From school with lurve!

Right now I'm blogging from school. Eh... it's school holidays right? Well people.. being a teacher doesn't mean that if the school is on holidays.. the teachers are having fun too. That's totally a crap. For those who are unaware with the teaching profession.. quit your job and join our community. Then you will know the sky is still high or low.. wakakakkaak..

The SBT classes are on, the administrators are here (thank God aku bukan golongan admin.. even I should be here too). Hehe

Without my pupils here in school.. what should I do? Boring plak.. So, I just do the unfinished business that had been kept away several times when I was in school. Hoho... banyaknye keje tertunggak. I'm so lucky it's school holidays.. kalau tak mampoh.. kuikuikui..

Eh.. gambo takde? Takdela.. because I left my precious boyfriend at home.. hehe.. The batteries are weak, so I need to recharge them. Tomorrow is a big day for Kak D, Fathique, Sharon and I. It's our reunion, people! We are going to have a wonderful lunch together.. Miss you people.. can't wait to see you guys back. Hehehhe.. Don't worry, I will bring along my handsome precious boyfriend so that he can snap every single picture of us. Hopefully each one of us could come eh... Syoknye nak makan preee..... kuikuikui.. See you tomorrow sayangs.. :p

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