Tuesday, February 17, 2009

School Trip Part 9 - Melaka The World Heritage

As usual, people keep on asking what is the best food in Melaka for them to try. I always suggest them the Asam Pedas. But when they asked me which shop serves the best asam pedas, I don't know... seriously.. Why? Because until now, my mom Asam Pedas is the best in town. My mom never bring us to eat outside except to KFC, Pizza Hut or McDonald. Other than that, my mom will cook for us. The reason is very simple.. the food outside is not healthy since they use so many ajinomoto and my mom hates it. My mom said.. there's no originality when they put in the Pak Aji.. hehe.. So, when the first thing they asked while planning the trip, I said, I dunno where's the best place to eat asam pedas.. As far as I know, my mom's the best. So, they said.. very well then, we will go to your mom's house.

I called my mom a week before about the plan, and my mom was so excited and terkujat since there would be around 35-40 to have their lunch there, in my mom's place. So, my mom together with my aunt, cousins and nephews were busy preparing the food for the special day. My dad was so happy to meet all them.. my dad.. you know lah.. sampai takleh titon punya excited orang nak mai umah dia. Hehe.. So, hari yang ditunggu pon tiba.. and voila.. enjoy the pictures...

Cikgu Nasir, Abang Zul (pengusaha kantin), Nawar, Cikgu Mat and Zainurin pulun makan asam podas..

While the men are eating, the ladies lepaking outside to have a look at my mom's garden. Siap cukai pokok lagi. Hehe

The ladies' turn. Asam Pedas, Masak Lemak Perut, Pajeri Mangga, Telur Asin, Sayur Kacang ngan Tembikai adalah makanan yang dihidangkan pada hari tu. Semuanya tip top. Even masa kat Kak Long Chalet, depa kata masak asam pedas mak den paling sodap.. heheh.. kombang den.. Awat la aku wat tak jadi2. Huhu..

After makan-makan, Cikgu Mat as the ketua rombongan gave some speech followed by reciting doa by Ustaz Ammar.

Hangpa tengok... GB aku peluk mak aku.. Aircond aku berjaya.. wakakakkaa

Mari kita say Cheese!!!

If you want to see more pictures on this post. You can go here. My nephew was there during the event and he took more pictures than I did. Hehe.. Plez go here

Back to the chalet, we planned to go to Eye of Malaysia in Banda Hilir. While waiting for the bus, we played this... tikam jangan tak tikammm...

Nurul pulun aim target..

Ostad Che Pa plak try his luck. Terpelanting ke belakang sehh.. wakakakakaka

Coming up next : Eye on Malaysia... bes wooo

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