Tuesday, February 17, 2009

School Trip Part 10 - Melaka The World Heritage

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First time to see this thing live.. hehe

Actually this is my first time to have my butt on the Eye on Malaysia. At first, the Melaka government wanted to rent it, but then they decided to buy this thing.. lebih masyukkk.. The entrance fee is only RM10 for Malaysian Citizen. So, don't forget to bring your Mycard along ye. Kalau tak.. mampuih kena bayaq doplo hengget!

Sebelum naik, dan lagi pakat amik gambo. Huhu.. Introducing you, Rosmawati, Zainurin and also Zainudin.. Zai Zai Zai.. wakakakka..

Nurul, Pah and Me.. The orange group.. hehehe.. baju baru ni.. beli sama-sama.. geng jahat nih.. wakakkakaa.. guess who is on this gondola together with us? Jom nengok bawah..

Tu diaaa.. our headmistress is with us. Jeles tak hengat puak2 itew.. wakakakakakka.. Aircond dalam ni sejuk lagi deiii.. From left : Hasnah, GB and Shima.

Din and Rain with the bus drivers.. hehe.. weh Din.. jangan lupa bagi aku CD pree.. hehe

View from the top.

Lepas turun.. posing lagi..

After we enjoyed ourselves on the Eye on Malaysia, we decided to take a ride on Menara Tamingsari which in the end we didn't go instead we continued our shopping session there. Tak sempat amik gambo masa shopping sebab tengah teruja membeli dan membelah.. kuikuikui..

I only managed to take their picture in front of this big ship.

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